Orville & Rhodes

THE CHALLENGE: Orville & Rhodes were already a successful boutique coffee brand when they commissioned us to help raise their profile in preparation for a national sales drive. Whilst retaining the existing logo we were asked to help rejuvenate the brand in view of producing new product packaging and marketing collateral.

THE OUTCOME: Our initial proposal to introduce a tri-colour stripe feature representing the three different coffee blends was well received. This element, combined with some carefully selected emotive imagery, helped to add a new friendly personality to the brand which was reflected in the revised blend descriptions and the eye-catching new packaging designs.
Orville & Rhodes Branded Coffee Cups
Orville & Rhodes Coffee Bag Labels
Orville & Rhodes Leaflet Design and Printing
Orville & Rhodes Coffee Bag Label Design
Orville & Rhodes Branded Disposable Coffee Cups
Orville & Rhodes Business Cards Design and Printing
Orville & Rhodes Instant Coffee Packaging

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