Freeway Tools & Fixings

THE CHALLENGE: Freeway have been supplying tools and fixings to carpentry and construction professionals nationwide for over 40 years. We were commissioned to develop a new visual identity that would help the company to grow and move forward with confidence, whilst retaining some existing brand elements, such as their corporate orange colour, to ensure instant recognition.

THE OUTCOME: As part of the branding development we introduced a striking new ‘F’ icon plus other styling elements such as a gritty background texture. Following on from this we redesigned all marketing collateral including social media graphics, stationery items, promotional literature and branded mugs. The icing on the cake was a brand new website for which we handled the copywriting, design and development.
Freeway Logo Design

“Soon after launching our new website we landed a new customer and the business they’ve given in four months has paid for the website! We wouldn’t have found this company by our normal methods and as a result of them coming to us the GP is higher than we would normally expect from a new customer. Thanks to Action Studio!”



Marketing Manager, Freeway Tools & Fixings

Freeway Website Design Visual
Freeway Business Stationery Design Concepts
Freeway Product Guide Design Concept
Freeway Van Sign Writing Concept
Freeway Branded Polo Shirt Design Concept
Freeway Branded Mug
Freeway Offer Leaflet Design Concept
Freeway Carrier Bag Design Concept
Freeway Roller Banner Design Concept

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