Action Studio Graphic Design


Exceptional creativity isn’t something everyone’s been blessed with. Our experienced graphic designers combine skill with imagination to ensure that your online and offline marketing is anything but ordinary.

Action Studio Branding


Your brand is so much more than just a logo. By telling your story and communicating your values in all that you do, we help to build brand recognition, inspire trust and most importantly, win new customers.

Action Studio Website Design


It’s vital to stay current in today’s technology-driven world. We design responsive websites and high-impact email campaigns that not only look amazing but work hard to deliver results and achieve your goals.

Looking for more?

As well as offering in-house Print and Promotional Merchandise expertise, we’ve also built a network of trusted and talented co-workers who enable us to provide complementary services such as Copywriting, Photography and SEO.

Our passion is working with people who want to grow their businesses and build their brands. We help to achieve this by injecting their online and offline marketing activities with a potent mixture of passion and creative design ideas.

Sound good to you?
Together we can make this work.


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Stuart & Partners
Mayfield School
All Saints Lindfield
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King’s Church Uckfield
Speech Marks

“Thank you Action Studio for coming up with a fantastic brochure for our new lighting range. It is eye-catching as well as informative, a pleasure to the eye. We will be back for more!”

Charlotte Smith
Marketing Manager, Lampfix

“I’ve worked with Action Studio for a number of years now and have always found them to be a helpful team, very responsive and do their best to meet our deadlines on a wide range of marketing material and design work.”

Graham Elsey
Marketing Manager, Growtivation

“Working with Action was great…communication is very good and deadlines are always met…constructive feedback on various elements of the design and content was very helpful and the finished product has been very well received.”

Vern Pollard
Manager, Signmark

“Well you get what you pay for…we are absolutely delighted with your work.”

John O'Connor
Owner, Worth Park Chauffeurs

“We needed a design agency to take our branding and digital presence to the next level. The results speak for themselves. We’ve been blown away by the response and are now in the process of negotiating £2.5m of new projects for new clients. The return on investment has far exceeded our expectations…we’ll certainly be recommending Action Studio to others in the future.”

Tom Rose
Director, Cortec Ltd

“The Action team are always great to work with, they are very efficient, they listen and always very creative”

Marketing & Communications Officer, Chailey Heritage Foundation

“Soon after launching our new website we landed a new customer and the business they’ve given us in four months has paid for the entire website! We wouldn’t have found this customer by our normal methods and as a result of them coming to us the GP is higher than we would normally expect from a new customer. Thanks to Action Studio!”

Gary Railton
Marketing Manager, Freeway Tools & Fixings

“The Head was really impressed with everything! This is the first publication of its kind in GW History I believe, so well done us and you! We may order some more up soon!”

Adrian Ashby
Strategic Marketing, Great Walstead School

“We absolutely love the look and feel of the booklet which is so far ahead of what we would have been able to produce. We handed out the booklets to our congregation yesterday and the response was very, very positive, particularly from the younger members who thought it looked great. We are really pleased with it…thanks again.”

Sid Martin
Administrator, King's Church Uckfield

“I’m impressed with the work of Action Studio. The team are effective and truly understand the art of graphic design and delivery in a timely manner. Nothing ever seems to be a problem and they have excellent communication skills.”

Anne Welsh
President, Arise Consult